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If you are a student, and before I commence working with you, you must agree to comply with the following Code of Ethics:

- To use a proofreader only if this is permitted or recommended by your college or university.
- Send me a copy of your university's policy in respect of the use of proofreaders, if I ask for this.
- Let me know whether your use of a proofreader needs to be referenced in your work.
- Follow your university's guidelines in respect of the use of proofreaders.
- Check your own work for plagiarism issues. I cannot carry out these checks for you.
- Ensure that you avoid plagiarism and collusion at all times.

Please understand that I cannot provide the following assistance:

- I can't write or re-write substantial parts of your essay, proposal, dissertation or thesis.
- I won't insert text from, or paraphrase, anyone else's work into your work.
- I cannot materially amend the original text in such a way that the meaning is changed.
- I am not able to plan, research or write your work.

However, I can provide the following assistance:

- I can check your work for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
- I can check that the referencing system you have chosen is applied consistently. 
- I can identify areas where clarity of meaning could be improved and advise you.
- I am able to identify formatting errors in the document and advise you.

- I can check that your diagrams are appropriately formatted and labelled.
- I am able to check your bibliography for consistency.

I always encourage students to develop their own writing skills, using their own words. I reserve the right to and will terminate a working relationship immediately if I am asked to take part in collusion or plagiarism, or if I suspect plagiarism on the student's part.

A copy of my full Terms and Conditions will be issued to every client when I commence work.

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